Clothing Store in Charleston, SC Since 1883!

Our Creed

Berlin’s was founded on the simple belief that quality and good taste are timeless. And while each generation may reshape this belief in the fashion of their day, the common thread of excellence remains. At Berlin’s we are dedicated to superior merchandise with sincere service that includes our guarantee of your satisfaction for the life of the garment.

Our History

Berlins was founded September 20th, 1883 By Henry Berlinski. Henry was an immigrant from Eastern Europe that arrived in the United States with one dollar and thirty-eight cents to his name. He peddled clothes from a cart until he was able to save enough money to open his own store here on the corner of King and Broad streets. Since that time the store has been handed down from Sam And Ben Berlin, to Henry and Alwyn Berlin, and currently is run by Steve and Elaine Berlin. The Berlins name has become synonymous with The finest of Charleston. Our commitment to timeless elegance and impeccable service is a strong today as when Henry dreamed it all up over 135 years ago.


Family Owned and Operated for Four Generations